Episode 5

How to Work and Travel: Tips to Succeed at Both (at the same time)

Published on: 5th October, 2023

It's the dream to be able to work and travel. Making a living in between seeing the sites while still being able to pay for it? #Winning! Or maybe you travel for work and want to return to your family with everything done so that you can spend quality time with them.

On this episode of Time to Talk Travel Nasreen Stump, Ciaran Blumenfeld and Desiree Miller dive into working on the road covering:

  • What to know before you head out (and what to bring with you)
  • Why self-discovery is so important to productivity
  • How to set boundaries at work
  • Why communicating with your travel companions is crucial
  • How to plan your schedule
  • Ways to lay out tasks to time block
  • How to find quiet spots to work on the road
  • and more

Tune in to learn more! Connect with us on social media to chat more about productivity on the road and to share your tips.

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