Episode 6

How to Find Travel Deals: Tried and True Tips

Published on: 12th October, 2023

We covered so much in How to Find Travel Deals: Tried and True Tips- Episode 6 of Time to Talk Travel.

Here are some of our favorite tips to find the best travel deals.

1. Utilize alerts so you never miss a sale

Use travel websites, newsletters, and credit card features to set alerts for specific destinations and dates. This helps you stay informed about price drops and special deals.

2. Be flexible and open-minded.

Flexibility is crucial. Be open-minded about destinations and travel dates. Sometimes, being flexible with the location can lead to significant savings.

3. Pledge your loyalty (or at least sign up and track it). 

Join loyalty programs for airlines and hotels that you use repeatedly. Loyalty can lead to perks, upgrades, and cost savings in the long run.

4. Set yourself up for success with credit card rewards. 

Utilize credit cards with travel rewards to pay everyday bills, then enjoy the travel rewards.

5. Pay attention when looking at flights (and who operates them).

Airlines frequently code-share flights. The kicker? Their completely different pricing structures. Even if the tickets look similar in price, one fare may include a carry-on and one may charge extra. Pay attention to fees for seat selection and checking baggage. A lot of times they’re different costs. 

6. Look at all of your airport options.

Know the airports in your area. Flying out of an alternative airport might offer cheaper options.

7. Think outside the box.

In Europe and want to country hop? Look at overnight ferries! They can be a unique and cost-effective way to travel between cities. 

8. Book Now, Pay Later. 

Use platforms like Booking.com to reserve rooms in advance without immediate payment. You’ll know you have a place to stay but you don’t pay for it until the actual stay.

9. Look at options other than hotels.

Besides traditional hotels, consider Airbnb or other rental sites. The added bonus of a kitchen on your vacation can save you money. 

10. Do your due diligence.

You can check things like seat availability before booking. Getting an idea of how full the plane is and how popular the route is can help you plan for upgrades. Airlines often send out offers prior to the flight. If the plane is empty spending on first class might not be necessary. 

11. Protect your trip.  

We cannot advocate for travel insurance enough. It will protect your investment and give you peace of mind. Some credit cards offer automatic travel insurance coverage.

12. Know yourself.

Prioritize what aspects of travel are most important to you. Is it the food? The hotel? Set aside budget for vacations so that when deals come up you know how much you have to spend! Having a dedicated travel fund makes it so much easier to grab up those discount tickets.

13.Work to Travel? Or Travel to Work?

Consider making travel more of a lifestyle than a special occasion. Set goals to working remotely from different locations or to take shorter working retreats.

14. Always look at how much it really costs.

When you find a great deal that seems too good to be true- doublecheck that it’s not. Look at the total cost including accommodations, food, transportation, etc. Make sure that the total cost is affordable.

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